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We’re always looking for opportunities to offer more value for you and your family in the products and services we provide. Our current promotions are exclusive to our member-owners and just another way we deliver benefits beyond banking.


Haven't considered refinancing before because, like so many Americans, you are upside down? 

There is no better time than today to start saving money, and we want to be your helping hand!

Or maybe you are paying high interest rates? 

We may have a program for you, including HARP program. With rates currently averaging at 4.25%* APR, don’t wait another day to start saving!

For more information on our rates and programs call the Mortgage Department at 1 (800) 977-9337, Ext. 3928 or via e-mail at: pzapata@ryder.com

* APR is Annual Percentage Rate.  Rates are subject to change daily and based on application and credit approval.  Some restrictions may apply.           


Report Lost Cards/Checks

If your Plastic Card or checks are lost or stolen – please follow the instructions below:

During our normal business hours contact us at:

1 (800) 977-9337:

  •  For ATM/Visa Debit Card/Checks, Extension, 3303.
  •  For Visa Credit Card, Extension 4665.

After hours (lost and stolen cards):

  • Visa Debit / ATM Card - (800) 264-5578
  •  Visa Credit Card - (800) 282-7681


Spring is here!  Time for some spring cleaning!

The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping — Spring is energizing everything in its path.  Put your energy boost into a thorough spring-cleaning, using these ideas to get you started. And we're not stopping with your house. Your finances could probably use a polish too. 

Here are a few steps you can take now that will pay off for you for the rest of the year. Many of our members, in fact, are taking these stewardship steps already. Are you one of them?

Chip away at that debt.  The question has always been whether you should you start paying off the balance with the highest interest or knock out the smallest bills first.  Although starting with the highest interest rate makes the most sense mathematically, researchers found that people are more motivated to continue with a debt-reduction plan if they knock out a small debt in its entirety rather than merely a chunk of a bigger one. Also known as the “snowball approach” as advocated by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, paying off one debt gives you the momentum to keep chipping away until that debt is history.

Update your budget.  If you’ve undergone a major job-related change like getting a big promotion or switching from two incomes to one, revisit your household budget. If you’d like to have one partner stay home with a child or go back to school full-time in 2015, the best way to adjust to being a single-breadwinner family is to start living like one six months beforehand. This will expose any weak spots in your budget or expenses you’ve overlooked. It will give you a nice addition to your savings cushion, as well.

Check your credit report.  You can get one free credit report from each of the three bureaus annually. Order them at annualcreditreport.com so you can find and correct any mistakes. The FTC says 5% of consumers have credit report errors that could hurt them financially. When a mistake drags your score down, it can prevent you from getting a credit card or a mortgage, or, you could find yourself paying more than you should to borrow money.

Evaluate your 401(k) allocations. As a rule of thumb, find the percentage of your portfolio that should be invested in stocks by subtracting your age from 110. Financial planners say people planning for retirement make two big mistakes: They either get scared by market volatility and pile their entire nest egg into ultra-conservative investments, or they get overly aggressive — possibly in the hope of “making up for lost time” because they didn’t start saving earlier. It’s better to think about retirement sooner and take on an appropriate level of risk all along.


Contact us at (305) 500-4000 or via email at  creditunion@ryder.com

Fall in Love with your new car!

With the new 2015 models in the showrooms, how can you not fall in love with a new car?! How about with our sizzling low rate! Starting today, you can buy the car you have been wanting by taking advantage of our low car rates, as low as 2.50% APR* New Cars and 3.75% APR* Used Cars!

Want to save more on a new car? With our fleet pricing program*, you can buy a new car for as little as 1% to 2% over invoice. No haggling, no dealer fees, no worries! 

For more information on our rates or fleet program call the Loan Department at ext. 4199 or e-mail us at: CreditUnion@Ryder.com 

* APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to chage without notice.  Some restrictions apply. Subject to application and credit approval. Call or come see our Loan specialists for more information.   Must be pre-approved to receive fleet pricing.  You must then register at www.nationalbenefitsprograms.com or call them at 1-866-501-4060.  


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Miami, FL 33178
(305) 500-4000
(800) 977-9337
Fax: (305) 500-3390

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